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MiLight Home Smart Lighting

Experience the ultimate smart light solution. With MiLight you can effortlessly create the perfect atmosphere in your house by remote control, our app or by speech.

Discover our indoor and outdoor solutions below.

MiLight MiBoxer Smart Down Lights

Down Lights

MiLight MiBoxer Smart Light Bulbs

Light bulbs

MiLight MiBoxer Smart LED Strips

LED Strips

MiLight MiBoxer Smart Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lights

WL-FL5B MiLight MiBoxer Smart Home Floorlamp

Floor Lamp

WL-BOX2 MiLight MiBoxer Wifi box for Smart Home Lighting

WiFi box: app control

MiLight MiBoxer remote controller for smart home lights

Remote controllers

MiLight Smart Home Lighting

Real Estate Developers

MiLight Smart Lighting Marriott


MiLight MiBoxer Smart Lights Distributor


Ready to light up your home?

Shop today and have a smart home tomorrow!

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