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This is the top of the range for our LED strips. This strip has 870 leds per meter and therefore the reflection of the strip looks like one solid line.


To control the LED strips effectively, you will require the FUT039M device. The FUT039M serves as a signal transmitter, enabling communication between your remote controller and the LED strip. It allows you to adjust the LED strip’s settings and lighting effects with ease.

The FUT039M is capable of transmitting the signal to LED strips located up to 15 meters away from it. Therefore, if your connected LED strip setup spans more than 15 meters, you will need to incorporate the PA5 power amplifier.

The PA5 power amplifier is essential for extending the signal range beyond the initial 15 meters. By adding the PA5 to your setup, you can effectively transmit the remote control signal to LED strips that are situated beyond the FUT039M’s 15-meter transmission limit. This ensures that all the connected LED strips within your setup receive the signals they need for accurate and synchronized control, regardless of their distance from the FUT039M.

Strip 3: RGB + CCT COB LED Strip 870 led p/m, 5 meter roll

  • MODEL NO. Strip3 RGB+CCT IP20
    POWER 20W per meter
    KELVIN 2700-6500K
    SIZE 12mm
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