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As all lights in the SYS series are designed to be installed either underwater or underground, there can be challenges in ensuring that the remote control signals reach these lights effectively. To address this issue, we utilize the SYS-T1 box. This box is installed above ground and serves as a signal receiver, capable of capturing the remote control signals. Once the signals are received, the SYS-T1 box efficiently transmits them to the lights through the ground wire, ensuring seamless operation and control of the underwater or underground lights.

In any of the following situations, you will require a SYS-T2 power amplifier to extend the signal:

  • Connecting over 50 lights: When you have a network of more than 50 lights in the SYS series, the signal strength may weaken over longer distances. The SYS-T2 power amplifier ensures that the remote control signal remains strong and stable, allowing you to control all the lights effectively.
  • Connected cable length over 300 meters: Over longer cable lengths, signal attenuation can occur, leading to diminished performance and unreliable communication between the remote control and the lights. In this scenario, the SYS-T2 power amplifier is essential to boost the signal, compensating for the signal loss and maintaining a reliable connection.
  • Output power over 360W: When the total power output of the connected lights exceeds 360W, it can put a strain on the signal transmission. The SYS-T2 power amplifier comes into play here, as it can handle higher power loads and ensures that the remote control signals are adequately amplified to reach and control the lights with increased power requirements.

SYS-T2: 1 Channel Host controller Power amplifier

    OUTPUT Max. 15A/Channel, Total output Max. 360W
    SIZE 124*38*23mm
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