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With the WL-Box2 hub, you can control your MiLight lights from your smartphone or tablet. This hub connects your app to the lights, letting you control them no matter where you are. Turn lights on or off easily with a tap, whether you're at home, in a restaurant, or on the go.


The app makes things even simpler. You can set timers for different groups of lights. Want your living room lights to come on at sunset and turn off at bedtime? You can do that. Prefer a gentle glow from your bedroom lights in the morning? The app can do it. You can also give each light a special name in the app, making it easy to know which is which.

No more confusion – just pick a zone and the named lights, and you're good to go.


Control your lights from anywhere, and customize your experience to fit your life. Enjoy the convenience of the WL-Box2 hub and change how you use your MiLight lights.


This is the latest model WiFi box and works with the Tuya Smart Life app. In this same app you can also add all kind of other hardware like airconditioners, ventilators and smart plugs. So you can control all your appliances from 1 app!


Please note that the WL-Box2 works only with 2.4G Wifi routers.

WL-Box2: Wifi iBox

    POWER 2w
    PROTOCOL 2.4GHz WiFi-IEEE 802.11b/g/n
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