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Warranties and Returns

  1. As soon as the goods have arrived at the premises of the buyer, the buyer shall fully unpack and thoroughly examine the goods. The buyer shall report us within forty eight (48) hours if any goods are found that are physically broken, like broken glass in the light bulb or broken plastic in other hardware.

  2. In the case of physically broken goods as described in above article, the buyer can send the broken goods to below address and MiLight will send new goods free of charge.

  3. If the buyer keeps receiving physical broken items, MiLight is entitled to refuse sending new goods and refund the purchase price of the broken goods to the buyer.


In the unlikely event that the goods stop working correctly as described in our documentation and website within 1 year after receiving the goods at the premises of the buyer, the buyer shall, at the buyer’s expense and risk, package and post those goods back to our company at the address below.

  • If the returned goods are faulty as a result of buyer’s negligence, or the negligence of buyer’s agents or employees, MiLight will not be liable under this contract and we may, at our discretion, require you to pay our reasonable testing costs and the costs of returning the goods to you

  • If the returned goods are found to be faulty MiLight will send new goods to the buyer free of charge

  • Any goods returned to us under the returns procedure set and found by our technical department not to be faulty will incur an administrative charge of 500 THB per item returned plus VAT (to cover the costs of unpacking, testing and return postage).

  • The buyer must adequately wrap and package the goods, if the goods arrive physically broken at our company, we will not be liable. If physically broken goods arrive at our company the buyer cannot claim warranty for non-working goods. Where goods are returned, all postage and packing charges are to be paid by the buyer and are not refundable by us under any circumstances.

  • Proof of postage and packing is not classed as proof of delivery, and the buyer is therefore recommended to send the goods by registered post or by a reliable courier. The risk in the goods remains with the buyer until they are received by us. Accordingly, we do not accept responsibility for damage to the goods in transit.

  • MiLight can only be held liable for the MiLight products itself and not for damage to other products or consequential damage.

  • Return address:
    MiLight (Thailand) Co.,
    300/53 Emerald Scenery
    Soi Hua Na 21
    Tap Tai, Hua Hin, Phrachuap Kirikhan
    77110 Thailand

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